I-129F Step-by-Step Video Course (2020)

All steps, procedures, and documentation for 2020. This course works on your PHONE, COMPUTER, TABLET. Scroll down to see what's included in this course... Scroll below to the bottom to see DIFFERENT PAYMENT OPTIONS (below)

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Lizzette Campos

Don't Hesitate!

I consider myself to be fairly intelligent and research oriented. I never just jump headlong into a project without knowing the details and tips. With that being said the absolute daunting task of sorting through the vast amount of information inv...

Becca Naughton

This made it so much easier

I did so much research on my own by reading forums and website, but I was still super worried about putting together my petition packet without paying a lawyer (even though my paralegal friend who petitioned for her own fiance advised me not to wa...

Harvey Fields Jr

Life Changer!

Honestly I was somewhat skeptical of this course and I initially was going to use a lawyer for my I-129 submission, they wanted $3800 just to submit the same documents asked for in this course with additional fees after that! This course not only ...

Delane Jackson

VisaTutor Review From Delane

WOW. Before taking this course, I was reading and reading and reading tons of online material. I thought of using other services but I also read about those services and found inconsistent results. Because this is for someone I deeply love and, ...

Kreg Zimmerman

Great Assurance

Taking this online class cleared up so many problems and gave such clear direction and particulars of what I needed to do and know. I feel such a great calming reassurance. We submitted a great packet and it was accepted without any questions or p...

Vanessa Nunez

Best Step by Step!

I finally sent my I-129F application last week, and I must say there is NO way I could've completed it without the assistance of Prem and his informative courses! I initially only subscribed to his emails, which I must say were really helpful. I...

Kevin Kelly

A Tiny Investment in Preparing one of the Most Important Documents of My Life

I am a practicing attorney and am routinely confronted with abstruse government forms and legal standards as a part of my professional life. Accordingly, I felt that the I-129F would be tedious, at worst, but otherwise straightforward enough that ...

Michaela Granthom

Worth every penny!

Prem’s course review was exactly what I was looking for. I spent months researching and trying to calm my anxious mind about how to go about this terrifying process. I debated whether to use a lawyer or to do it on my own. Once I found Prem’s webs...

Jason Reynolds

Thorough Course That Saves You Money

After previewing Prem's I-129F course and talking to a lawyer on the phone, I quickly realized that hiring a lawyer would be a HUGE waste of money. Most of the work involved with the I-129F application is gathering all of the required information ...

Peter Rutledge

I-129f course

This was a very helpful course that cleared up all my questions and guided me to creating a petition that was approved. I 100% recommend this course to anybody who needs help on their petition.

Denise VP

Highly Recommended

Your course was great! Very thorough and helpful. I knew I had made the right decision to purchase the course when you started talking about how to redact the form a bit when you couldn't fill it in to get things to work just right. I really app...

Craig German

The most concise and clear depiction of the US Government's tangled web K1 Visa process

After reading the poorly written instructions found on the official US website for how to fill out the K1 Visa application, I knew that my tax dollars weren't going to be of any help. I've written multiple Cost Volumes, Technical Volumes, and Engi...

Trakina Gray


This package has educated me about what to expect, and how to prepare for each step. I have now sent my I-129F petition off with confidence! Though this is a process, I can say Prem's package is helping my journey to become more pleasant! Before ...

Julieta Martino

Totally worth it!

My fiancee and I stared at the I-129F paperwork for several weeks feeling confused and overwhelmed. Despite the instructions on the form and the multiple blogs and videos online, we were not really sure how to approach the whole process and were d...

More of my students...

James McQue

Well worth it

This guide is well worth the price. It truly does offer step by step instructions that are well laid out and easy to understand. Even after you have submitted your paperwork to the USCIS, Prem remains invested in his clients success.

Charles Segal

K1 approved - This course helped!

This course removed ALL my doubts about the entire I-129F/K1 visa process. Yes, it’s detailed. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But worth it! My finance got his K1 visa approval in 8 months! Here are a few suggestions that I’d like to offer after going th...

Bartosz Mach

Very confident about my i129f application after using Prem's course

I just submitted a i-129f after using Prem's course to help compile and edit it. The course has been incredibly helpful in putting this all together. Prem explains every part of the process and application in minuted detail and there is NO WAY I w...

Gregory Taylor

Well prepared course for preparation of I-129F Petition for Visa

Thanks Prem! Your course was well worth the small investment. There is so much information out there, but your course focused on many of the things that were so unclear when filling out the I-129F Petition for visa. Only time will tell as to wheth...

Carla Fullet

in depth detailed instructions on how to prepare the I-129F

I have no question that was left unanswered. I am very nervous about my application, as there is a major age difference between me and my fiance. With Prem's help I feel that I have done everything possible to present my case and get a favorable r...

Eliot O

This course is pretty helpfull ...

This course is pretty helpful, It helped me a lot, also I emailed Prem several times with questions and he always answered my doubts. I recommend this course for anyone who is planning to fill out the I-129F.

Jake Goldwasser

great, informative, and reassuring!

found this course after doing some research, and after emailing back-and-forth with Prem over a few specific points, I decided to go ahead and take the course. it’s well designed, easy to use and very informative. sent in my packet a few weeks ago...

claire mcpherson

An absolute must

We couldn’t have gone through this process without the help of Prem and his tutorial. This process is a HUGE undertaking and not to be taken lightly. It’s a small price for great comfort in knowing you did the absolute best you could to provide wh...

Emile Siroit

Good Help

This course was very helpful. Prem explained perfectly how to navigate potentially tough questions in the I-129F and also helped me build an application I could be confident will be accepted. I recommend this course to anyone attempting to get a K...

Sylvia Gorski

Thorough, Detailed and Reassuring

This course was helpful as it provided step-by-step instructions for best practices. It was very detail-oriented, simple to follow. I am positive it will bring us success!

Juan Pelaez

Honest and helpful help

When embarking on my K-1 visa journey, I thought that I could do it without the help of a lawyer, but I felt like I still needed an honest guidance that could help me fill more confident about the process. This course did exactly that. Prem is n...

Jeremy Breunig

I-129F Review

Having done the same initial basic research and viewing the many YouTube videos that are available, I thought that I would easily be able to “do it myself” with the K-1 Visa process. How hard could it be? What I discovered was that there were so...

John boston


The best thing I ever did with regard to this fiancé visa process was enroll in this course. I am internet savvy and I reviewed so many sites and YouTube videos - most of which were outdated in terms of government forms and procedures and also...

Maggie Palmer

Wonderful course

Prem was so detailed, thorough and helpful, he definitely put me at ease while taking this step to filing the petition. I'm very grateful that he was willing to share his expertise knowledge with us. I am now just hoping for good results on my pet...

Torrance Miller

Worth Every Penny

The course is very detailed and it is worth every penny. I bought the course and started reviewing it during a layover in the airport, and it answered questions that I didn't think of asking. I was a member of a K-1 Visa forum, and there we...

Nicolle Pasian

Peace of Mind

Just starting the I-129f and filling out the application like the USCIS wants is a trial on yourself, your relationship and your mental health. The instructions are incomplete or dubious and you have no tools to make sure you are doing it right. ...

John .

Excellent detailed guide and fantastic support from Prem

Prem is very detailed. He provides a step by step guideline on how to complete each requirement, and also gives recommendations. Taking this online class cleared up so many problems and gave such clear direction of what I needed to do and know....

Manjula Murugesan

Everything you need is in this course!

When we decided to apply for the K1 visa, we scoured the internet for guidelines and tips. After hours and hours of research, I started putting together an application package. Unfortunately, the guidelines greatly differ from one site to the othe...

Savanna Schneider

SO HELPFUL!!! I Highly recommend!

This course has been extremely helpful! I thought the K-1 process seemed pretty straightforward, and it is for the most part, BUT there are MANY tips and suggestions Prem offers in his course that you are not going to easily find anywhere else. If...

Jason Reynolds

Thorough Course That Saves You Money

After previewing Prem's I-129F course and talking to a lawyer on the phone, I quickly realized that hiring a lawyer would be a HUGE waste of money. Most of the work involved with the I-129F application is gathering all of the required information ...

Lewis Wallace

What a great system!

Before I say anything else I want to say I am lucky indeed to have found this site! Prem is a truly good guy. And you don't find many of those today. My experience here has been that he truly cares about people and has a servant's heart wanting to...

Brian Luethy

Do it now!

Having just started the K1 Interview course and reflecting back on the I-129F, I remember the utmost fear, concern, trepidation, basically I was at a loss. Signing up for that course was an impulse and I needed guidance. If I were speaking to that...

Brooke P

Just what I needed!

I am so thankful that I found Visa Tutor! Before I signed up, I had been exhausting myself by doing hours of research every day from different sources and ending up more confused and stressed. After finally reading some information about Prem's I-...

Tyrone Holmes

Awesome Course

In one word I can describe this service AWESOME. I found Visa Tutor online after a few months of trying to find out the proper paperwork that I need to file I-129-F packet. It seem like everyone had their own opinion but no fractural information t...

Erin Sanislo

Feeling confident sending in the i129F

As a graduate student studying and working at the same time, researching every last tiny detail of the i129F was taking so much time I didn't have. Prem's efficient course saved me so much time and I am convinced that it was better than spending t...

Liz Kuhl

Very helpful and easy to understand

Prem articulated each step in a way that I could access. Videos were detailed and done in a way I could follow step by step. It gave me peace of mind knowing I was doing the I-129F correctly. I highly recommend Visa Tutor.

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I-129F Step by Step
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