K-1 Visa Interview Course (all topics)

How to prepare paperwork and evidence - Step by Step video course - watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone

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Kreg Zimmerman

Our US Consulate Interview is 8 Days Away in Guangzhou, China and we are ready!!!

THANK YOU Prem for a great course. I learned exactly the things we needed to do. First, I learned how to fill out the documents, what parts to ignore and how to deal with confusing answer fields on the I-129. Second, you helped me to focus my ener...

Tonie M

K-1 Visa Interview Course

This course is full of valuable information. Prem makes it easy for anyone to understand, no matter the educational level. He makes it interesting through the use of videos, written text, charts, summaries, & et. It is a systematically orga...

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K-1 Visa Interview Course
K-1 Visa Interview Course
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar
Let me take you to the K-1 visa approval

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Hi, this is Prem. 

I run visatutor.com. This is the site where you can see all the courses I have to offer for the fiance visa process. 


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