K-1 Visa Interview Preparation Course (2020)

How to prepare paperwork and evidence - Step by Step video course - watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Scroll down for different payment options

Did other couples have success?

Kreg Zimmerman

Our US Consulate Interview is 8 Days Away in Guangzhou, China and we are ready!!!

THANK YOU Prem for a great course. I learned exactly the things we needed to do. First, I learned how to fill out the documents, what parts to ignore and how to deal with confusing answer fields on the I-129. Second, you helped me to focus my ener...

Charles Segal

Success! K-1 Visa approved! Thank you!

This review will only cover the K-1 Visa Course. I completed the I-129F course and "preloading" the proof of relationship made the interview easy. My I-129F petition was approved in 4 1/2 months as of the end of January 2019. So what now? I had re...

Delane Jackson

Exceptional Course

Hi All, I rarely review sites and many other reviewable things but I must say, I am very impressed by what Prem has put together here that I feel compelled to write something. I'm just in awe at how accurate his information is. You definitely...

Earl Johnson

Best advice EVER!!!

Prem has provided my Fiancé and I with invaluable advise and guidance throughout our journey to secure her a K-1 Visa from Vietnam, one of the more difficult countries and Embassy in HCMC. He was absolutely right about the need for a strong I-129...

Tonie M

K-1 Visa Interview Course

This course is full of valuable information. Prem makes it easy for anyone to understand, no matter the educational level. He makes it interesting through the use of videos, written text, charts, summaries, & et. It is a systematically orga...

Emily Palmerino

Thank you for this amazing course! SUCCESS!

My fiancé and I submitted our I-129 petition in February of 2018. It has been a LONG waiting process since then. We heard the petition was approved in February of 2019. Then we had to start thinking about the K-1 visa application and all the paper...

Shella Raja

Gives you ease of mind during a stressful time

Visa Tutor's K-1 Visa Interview Course is truly the most well-rounded resource I have found for this application process. Prem is so invested in making sure his information is up to date and as accurate as possible so that anyone and everyone will...

Jeffrey Cobb

Great preparation for K-1 interview

I bought the Visa Tutor K-1 visa interview course to help keep my fiancée and me focused on the million details we had to juggle. The videos and written material were as valuable as the Visa Tutor I-129f course had been, and Prem's making himself ...

Nolan Bailey

A complete and thorough guide to the visa process, top to bottom

I'm writing this review for anyone who is just beginning the K visa process and is confused, lost, worried, stressed, or considering paying a bunch of money to let an attorney do all of the work for them. I want you to know that almost all of thos...

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K-1 Visa Interview Course
K-1 Visa Interview Course

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John .

Fantastic Course - Fiance Visa Approved!

My fiancée and I purchased both the I-129F and K-1 Visa Interview course and we're both extremely happy and excited to report that our visa was approved!! We followed all of Prem's advice and instructions throughout the process and found him to be...

Eduardo K. Valverde Salas


Hola Prem, Monday, October 7 2019 We started our K1 journey on June 6, 2018 when we sent the I-129F and culminated on July 17, 2019 with Laurita’s interview at the USA Council in Guayaquil, Ecuador! The K1 Visa was approve...

Eliot O

It did help us a lot

I saw the videos and read the instructions and it did help us in our K-1 Visa journey, thanks a lot, also Prem was pretty helpful ... Finally our Visa K-1 was approved ... just follow and study this course ...

Robert Flammond

Great Information that really prepares u

I’ve been communicating with Prem for the last 12-15 months. He has always provided me spot in guidance. The interview course was “Outstanding” and really help make our interview process so easy. Take my advice get this course share it with your f...

Liam McKay

The most helpful and thorough guide to a K1 visa

I cannot recommend this highly enough, it is an at times confusing and scary process but if you are in a genuine relationship and have never had any legal or medical issues and your sponsor is financially secure this course reassures you and helps...

Julie Walleisa

Excellent resource!

I took both of Prem's classes (interview course and I-129F course) and both are excellent resources. Very clear and detailed, so they helped us with preparing everything properly and helped me relax a bit during this long and stressful process. Th...

Moses Xie


This course is amazing. Everything is so clear, well explained, exemplified and organized. And Prem resolve all our doubts. He really knows about the topic.

Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar
Let me take you to the K-1 visa approval

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